Brothers, in the different historical times of mankind, God has manifested Himself on earth through various people. He has sent His Light, His Teaching, His guidelines and His instructions, in accordance with the era and in accordance with the spiritual evolution of mankind. Revealed by hierophants, by Messengers, by Emissaries, who were human spirits, more purified and evolved than the rest and who could receive waves of the Divine Light. What they received, they offered to mankind, in accordance with its evolutionary stage.

So, we have various revelations, as they are known in the Spiritual language of Truth, coming from more advanced human spirits, at different locations of the world. These revelations were relevant to the era, manners and customs of the place, in which the Messengers lived or incarnated, and relevant to the evolution of the soul and the spirit of man at that particular time. That is the reason why humanity has experienced spiritual revelations at different times and places all over the world.

However, it was not God Himself speaking. God spoke through people. Later in the fullness of time, as written in the Scriptures, when mankind had evolved to the stage where they could conceive a revelation of Truth coming from God, the Divine Logos incarnated, as it had been announced by the Prophets. There is an immense difference. All the stages of former times, my brothers, were partial, gradual revelations of the Truth, coming from the human vehicles, that is human spirits. With the Birth of the Lord on earth, we have the unique, the first and the unprecedented case of the Incarnation of the Divine Logos, that is God Himself incarnated in a human body, He discharged Himself, as it is written in the Scriptures and became visible.

He subjected Himself to the existing Law of God and resembled man in every aspect, so as to be able to teach man. Living on earth, He was subjected to the human laws that existed at the time, He taught the crowds, all the lower classes, without establishing Monasteries, and He Himself lived among the people. He embraced man. He offered His hand to man. He helped man. He taught man. He revealed the New Teaching of Love, that is the New Teaching of God.

He left an Ergo to His successors, the Apostles, who began spreading It. The Apostles anointed new preachers and successors. Through apostolic succession we have the expansion of Christian Teaching throughout the whole world, as we know it today. Today the Advent of Christ on earth is known in all the lengths and breadths of the world. His Teaching is known and He is known as no other person in the history of mankind, in the history of earth. A million tons of books have been written about Jesus, His Ergo, His Sacrifice and His Teaching. So far, the Gospels have been translated into every language and dialect in the world. They have reached even the most remote, the most unlikely parts of the earth. Today, all people of good will, who would like to be informed about the Coming of Christ on earth and his Teaching, have the opportunity to study and probe deeply into the Teaching, which has remained intact and is still available all over the earth.

Consequently, humanity has been taught that the Divine Logos incarnated on earth, took the shape of a man and wore flesh, taught and sacrificed for the world and was restored to His State. Today, there are still people who doubt the Coming of Christ. It is their right, it is their problem. There are people who question whether He was God or not, whether He was a good man or a philosopher, or whether He was one of the many teachers who appeared on earth. It is for them to decide, it is their problem, it is their own point of view. I have said that for all those who want to be informed, taught, indulge and fathom into the Ergo of Jesus Christ on earth, it was and still is very easy and within their means to do so.

There are still those who, 2000 years after His Birth, continue to doubt and question whether He existed or not, or whether He was a good man. Did people make a God out of Him? Was He a Teacher, or was He a philosopher? Those who continue to doubt, choose to remain at this stage. This is my spiritual opinion. My brothers, I do not want you to think that I have empathy this moment, or that I am judging or criticizing them.

On a spiritual course, there are always the pioneers, the followers and the belated, that is those who grumble. So, whoever wants to be among the belated and the grumblers, let them be. It is their right. Whoever wants to, can be taught, but we will not occupy ourselves forever with teaching the incapable of learning. Those who do not want to learn or do not want to become aware of whether Christ existed or not, let them suffer the consequences of their lack of spiritual culture. I will explain the reason why even better. We are entering a New Cosmic Period. Almost 2000 years have passed since the Birth of Christ. God set these 2000 years so that the Ergo of Jesus Christ be taught on earth. What will happen in the next 2000 years which is the New Cosmic Period? Those who followed and those who are following this Ergo, will proceed into the New Era.

In this New Era, they will not occupy themselves with questions such as whether the Lord came or whether Jesus lived, or whether He was a Teacher or a philosopher. Instead, they who have accepted the Divinity of Christ will enter the New Era.

This New Era, in which we are entering, is called the Prodromic Era of the Second Coming of Christ. Since there is, what we call the Second Coming of the Lord, you will soon have plenty of tokens of it. It takes place within man and within his soul. It goes without saying and it is only natural that the Lord was God. It is deemed outdated to discuss anymore whether He was God or not, or whether He was a philosopher, and so on. This is considered outdated teaching.

In the New Era, the disciples who have followed Him will move forward and have evidence of enlightenment of the soul and the spirit because in John's Gospel we read: "those who have received Him, He gave them power to become sons of God". Therefore, those who have believed Christ, those who have believed in His Divinity, will know His Divinity, they will become Sons of God themselves, by adoption.

The New Era and the New Teachings will not deal with whether the Lord really existed or not, or whether the Gospels are correct or not. Those who have accepted His Word as correct, will be the ones to move on into the New Era. The rest will remain as they are because they do not want to move forward. This is so because they are spirits who think and act negatively, as well as limiting themselves. Therefore, as a natural consequence, they will not evolve for the time being.

The Lord has said many things that have not yet been heard on earth. He has said; "I and the Father are ONE". Never on earth has any human being uttered such words. The Lord has not only said it; He has also proved it. I and the Father are ONE! None of the Messengers, the preachers, the religious founders have said so far I and the Father are ONE, nor has anyone said "I Am the Light of the World"! I say this because people have heard several distorted teachings, such as "the Lord was initiated by the Egyptian Clergy" or "He was taught in Tibet by the Lamas or the Esseae". The Lord spoke about Himself; "I Am the Light of the World". I would like to ask you, my brothers, to get into the depth of such notions. What does it mean I Am the Light of the World? THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD, He said. He did not say; "I am a Teacher", He said "the Light", and this statement has never been made. No man has ever dared, no human lips have ever dared to utter it, because they considered it inconceivable to make this statement. The enlightened people, who have reached a certain height, considered it inconceivable to utter this statement, which did not agree with the truth. Therefore, the Lord who said; I Am the Light of the World, He really was THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD, and being the Light of the World, it is a natural consequence, my brothers, that He had no need of being taught, either by the Egyptian Clergy or by the Lamas of Tibet.

He was being taught by the Father within Him. He used to say; My words are not My words, they are the Words of the Father within Me and the deeds I do are not My deeds, it is My Father within Me that does these Deeds. The Lord in all His manifestation brought out the Father within Him with Whom together He said, "I AND THE FATHER ARE ONE". I think there is an immense, inconceivable difference between the founders of all the Religions in the History of humanity and of the Lord Jesus Christ.

There is no comparison. It is time for you not only to understand it, but for you to take your place accordingly and to teach it to others as well. It is time, whenever you hear people hurling accusations against the Lord, who of course has no need of them, or against His Ergo, to be in the position to stand up and with the power of faith to refute the malicious teachings which aim at misleading man.

I say this, because in our country as well as in the West at large there is a trend of reviving the eastern religions at the moment. My brothers, all the religions before Christ had only one aim. That was to guide humanity to the incarnation of Logos. They had the privilege given to them to prepare humanity, so man could receive Logos, that is God Himself.
Mankind accepted the manifestation of Logos and Logos taught mankind, allowing the Gospels to be taught forever. Therefore, it is unacceptable that men, Christians to say the least, who were baptized in the name of Christ, would want to return 500 years before Christ, to teachings whose Spiritual destiny has ceased upon earth. These teachings became outdated the moment Christ was born. It is I say, foolish at least, because the learners of such ideas, and those who try to revive old rituals and old religions, will be liable in the face of Divine Justice, for the delay of mankind's evolution towards the next stage.

Be aware, because I do not want you to get involved, the ones who have internal restlessness and quests in various Schools to satisfy your internal restlessness. Whoever has been baptized in the name of Christ and turns to Eastern Religions and declares faith and obedience to other daskaloi, will lose their Christian baptism. This means that declaring faith and obedience to those who present themselves as daskaloi will result in losing one's baptism because the Lord says; "One is the Daskalos, Christ".
The Gospels mention certain people who will perform miracles and who will even drive demons away. The Lord says, "I have not seen them, I do not know them…" I want you to understand that old religions whose spiritual aim has ceased upon earth should not be revived, because they were religions to prepare mankind to welcome the Incarnated Logos. They are liable in the face of Divine Justice, because they have delayed mankind from proceeding to the next evolutionary stage, which is the Christofication of man.

How do you think you will become sons of God? "Those who received Him, He gave them the power to become children of God," say the Scriptures.
They received Him as faith, as teaching, they became His followers and He was born in them. He became a living reality, and those who have Christ alive in them are the spirits being Christoficated. They are mankind's next step. I want you to understand so you will stop hesitating and doubting. Stop grumbling and stop having your ears open to spiritual sirens. Proceed towards one direction, with one aim and one Purpose directing all of your efforts towards your unification with Christ, with God!

These are the reasons why the new emissaries will not teach whether the Lord has arrived. This is the work of the past.
If I am telling you now that the birth and presence of the Lord is work of the past, you can understand now, how outdated the works of Eastern religions are, including Judaism.

We are entering a new spiritual period. This is the reason why I wish to speak and explain to you now the Ergo of the New Era in which the emissaries will perform His Will, leading mankind on its new way. They are inspired preachers, evolved spirits who have been entrusted with a spiritual mission to show you the new way.

Mankind has passed many stages. It has passed the stage of blind faith and today will enter a stage of conscious faith and conscious way.

It is a new stage. People nowadays ask, seek and learn. Today, everyone must know exactly what they believe in, who, what and why they are following, and what are the Divine Laws that govern their lives. Also where they come from and where they are going. It is the New Era, which is an Era of Searching, not because God has set new Laws, but because the human spirits have evolved to the point of being able to search, to learn, to enlighten and to consolidate themselves as conscious Spiritual Hypostases. In the past, people followed a preset path, and that was it. Today, everybody has the urge to search, which is the right thing to do. But search the right way, which is searching within you, where everyone should search.
Thus, the New Era for many is defined as the Age of Aquarius, for others it is called the Prodromic Period of the Second Coming. It is the beginning of the Prodromic Period which I will talk to you about and which for some is defined as the third Epiphany of God, the Epiphany of the Holy Spirit. It is the period where people will be enlightened, but only the ones who follow the right course, the ones who uphold the Laws of God, the ones who followed Christ. That is Christ-God, the One who they tried to imitate fully, and have Him living within them. The New Era of the enlightenment and the epiphany of the Holy Spirit have not yet come, since the Prodromic Period shall proceed. The enlightenment is dim yet, because preparation is needed to clear the way. The way is both internal and external.

The ways to enlightenment must be prepared. The external ways are now created through the establishment of spiritual centers and schools for the better understanding and teaching of men. The internal ways are your esoteric cleansing. If you do not cleanse your spiritual conduits that allow the light to flow within you, the light, being obstructed by impurities, will not be able to enlighten you.

In this New Era of enlightenment, everyone must follow the conscious spiritual course, as well as performing conscious self-cleansing in order to be enlightened. You must clean your internal spiritual conduit and your external sensors that capture the stimuli and the vibration around us.

You must cleanse your self in this new era, so your internal spiritual mechanisms, the inner-being, your soul and your spirit will be able to capture the emanating vibrations of God's love, that is of God-Logos. These are Laws you must submit to. You cannot disobey, nor can you distance yourselves from the Laws, for you will neither be enlightened, nor will you survive, nor will you be Christoficated, nor will you return to God.

You must submit to the Law. Christ submitted Himself totally to Father's Law, the Son Himself submitted, God Himself, the incarnated Logos submitted Himself to the Will of the Father.

As you realize, we have a duty and an obligation, we cannot do otherwise. We cannot escape the Laws.
It is imminent that we submit ourselves to the Law of God, to be subjects of the Law and to learn to uphold the Laws. These are the Laws of Love, the Laws of Brotherhood, the Laws of Forgiveness, the Helping of One Another, the Laws of Catharsis and Repentance.

We need to learn that we must uphold all the Laws, to be subject to the Law which will one day bring us to the point of becoming ourselves Sons of God through the dwelling of Christ within us.
According to the degree that you cleanse yourselves, uphold the Laws, pray, elevate your thoughts to God, detach yourselves from the material plane, from the material interests, fixations and bindings, the first stage of enlightenment will gradually enter you.

It is the New Ergo of the New Era, it is the Prodromic Ergo of the Second Coming.
Upon our Lord's arrival on earth, He was baptized by John the Baptist, who represented the whole of humanity. He was the spirit who at that time was at the top of the Pyramid of the Human Race.

He was the purest of spirits that ever passed on earth and that is why his spirit was appropriate for representing humanity at the Lord's incarnated presence. His coming had been heralded. The Archangel Gabriel had announced to John's father, priest Zachary, that his wife would bear a Son with the spirit and power of Elias. Please, take into consideration that for the Scriptures to contain such an incident there must have been a good reason. It fulfilled what Gabriel had said to John's father. His disciples once asked Him; "Why then say the scriptures that Elias must first come?" (Matt 17, 10) And the Lord answered referring to John; "For this is He, of whom it is written, Behold, I send My Messenger before thy face, which shall thy way before thee… and if ye will receive it, this is Elias which was for to come" (Matt 11, 10-14). And elsewhere; "Elias truly shall first come and restore all things. But I say unto you, that Elias is come already and they knew Him not, but have done unto Him whatsoever they listed…" Then the disciples understood that He spoke unto them of John the Baptist." (Matt 17, 11-13) And elsewhere' "Elias verily cometh first and restoreth all things; …but I say unto you, that Elias is indeed come, and they have done unto Him whatsoever they listed, as it is written of Him" (Marc) 9, 12-13) likewise (Luke 1, 15-17 and also 7, 27-28). The Scriptures mention the case of the Spirit that comes back in flesh and Elias did come back "and they knew Him not", and they did to Him whatever they liked. Therefore, it is clear that the same Spirit reappears in flesh again (in the form of John the Baptist). "And Elias always comes first," says the Lord. There was a reason for Him to say that Elias always comes first. If Elias was not to come any more, the Lord would not have a reason to state that Elias always comes first.

Prior to the Second Coming, Elias will come again but He will not be called Elias. There will be someone with the spirit and power of Elias just like in the case of John. He might be called Dionysis or differently and not Elias. John came in the spirit and power of Elias. And God protected His Emissaries by not revealing their spiritual identity, and that is why nobody knew who John was. However, He did His Ergo, preached repentance and baptized Christ. There will be a Spirit with the powers of Elias who will herald the Coming of the Lord, for this is the Spirit's mission.

He will always appear before the Presence of the Lord, and preach Repentance and announce His Coming.

He is authorized to be the forerunner of the Presence, to come beforehand. During this Period on earth, there will be a spirit with "the Spirit and Power of Elias" except that he will not bear the name Elias. Again he will not be believed and again he will knowingly sacrifice himself. For these spirits serve the Divine Plan, the evolution of the Divine Plan. Therefore, there will be a New Forerunner (/Precursor) or (/Baptist) of the Second Coming.

For those of you who have started to pray and spiritually cleanse your self, obeying the Laws, your conscience will begin to clear. You will reach the point when just before the Lord appears from within you, you will hear within you the voice of Ioannis speaking to you. You will establish contact with the Prodromic State within you, which has no other purpose or reason, than to lead you to the total and perfect Catharsis (spiritual cleansing), so that the Logos-Christ can be born within you.

Besides having an inner (esoteric) state-conscience of Ioannis, there will also come, as it has already been told, a Spirit with "the Spirit and Power of Elias", with the mission to prepare people for the Second Coming, for the Second Arrival of the Lord within the souls. People in different parts of the world will hear the voice of the New Ioannis speaking to them esoterically (from within) and guiding them to the total Catharsis. For the Logos will not be born within us if we are not properly cleansed. This is the Ergo of the New Era, the Prodromic Ergo of the Second Coming.

It is an Ergo of Cleansing and preparation, the introductory Ergo of the Second Coming, the Ergo of the conscious Spiritual Cleansing of man. What I mean is that you will know it, you will wish for it, you will seek after it, however, when I say catharses, I do not only mean the common confession. You will begin to transform, revive and change. You will alter the quality of your deeds. You will speak differently, leaving behind all those needless words you say because everything is recorded as energy on you. Therefore, you have to cleanse yourself from any such non-constructive, negative qualities of energy. You will alter the quality of your feelings. All of you will learn to love all the people, everything and everybody. For the Sympantic Law of God is Love. Everything was created of Love, which is God and by His Love they exist, are preserved and guided. You must learn how to love, for your destination is to become Sons of God.

You will never become Sons of God if there is no Love within you. You cannot reach God or become one with God if you do not learn to obey the Law of Love, meaning loving your neighbors as well as everyone and everything. It is time to change the quality of your thoughts and ideas, for everything begins from your thoughts and ideas. In fact we are obliged not to allow any thoughts to rule our life for our power of thinking is a creative power. We must learn to govern and direct our thoughts in a way of quality, for our thoughts are recorded on us. If our thoughts are clean, they will create light, and if they are dark, we will be covered in darkness.

We are now entering the beginning of the Second Coming of the Lord on earth, the Prodromic stage of the Second Coming of the Lord, in the stage of preparation of mankind. All people will not enter this stage at the same time. They will prepare gradually. They will receive Light and then Logos, will be incarnated within them. For the incarnation of Logos and the Christofication of man are predestined for all humanity. The Divine Laws exclude no one. It is man himself with his free will, with his deeds that excludes himself, not God.

In this Prodromic stage, this New Spiritual Period, meetings are being held all over the world, and in the years to come New preachers will appear. New preachers of the Prodromic Ergo. There will not be only one Forerunner, but only one will signal the beginning. There will be plenty of Forerunners, for it is the Period of the Forerunners. A lot of human spirits will reach the spiritual height of John the Baptist. This stage they will have to go through, to be Christoficated, is compulsory. It is the Period of the Forerunners and, as I have said, One will make the start, but plenty of spirits will follow. I do not know whether they will be of the same potential. They will all teach about Christ, His New Coming within people's souls and hearts. They will teach Repentance as well.

So far I have talked to you about Repentance, catharses and the changes of the different human qualities. Your human ego has to reduce in size, and reduce to nothing. As long as you keep saying "I", you distance yourself from the Union with God, for your human ego is what alienated you from God. You must substitute your ego, that is your human, limited ego of the falling of man, with the "I Am" of the Infinity of the Lord. Therefore, I would like to convey to you the Message of preparation so that you will come in contact with the Lord. Your contact with the Lord is the first step, the first touch.

However, you are not destined just to merely touch His Presence, which will stir you, move you and bring you to tears. No. You are destined to unite, to embrace with the Lord, with God, to become One. These are not my words, the Lord has announced man's Christofication and his return to Father God. In order to return, cleanse yourself from the layers of the material world. Uphold the Laws of God. Embrace each other. Learn to love and return to God as Co-workers of God.

This is your destination. To reach your destination, you have to pass tests and go through difficult ordeals most of the time. Learn to undergo these ordeals; the exams on your lessons, your level, the position you wish to occupy, the position you wish to reach. If your position is very high, it goes without saying that the tests will be equally hard and difficult.

No work, no achievement can be conquered without sacrifices. No fight is won without sweat and blood. No title of honor is given for free. My brothers, embracing each other, united having faith in God, having real Love within you, proceed onward. Walk on helping whomever you can on your way. See that your passing is a blessing of God, that your presence is desired and welcome, and you will understand this by the way people treat you.

Always move forward. God be with you.


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