Hellas has always been the birthplace of illuminated spirits whose presence and work brought Light to the entire world. Its history establishes Hellas as a cradle of Light and civilization proving that it is not just a state, a country or a nation, but a living and evolving idea.

Despite all its changes and transformations, Hellas has embraced Christ and His Cross with its soul through its people more than any other nation in the world. This is not a fact taken at random. The great spirits of antiquity prepared and led Hellenism to that spiritual level, the same way as the altar dedicated to the Unknown God prepared and led the Apostle Paul to present the Teaching of Christ to the Greeks - a Teaching unknown in depth and essence, a Teaching considered by many as just another religion among the establishment of religions.

Christianity, however, is not just another religion. It is an unlimited Way, universal and eternal, which leads Man to the recognition of his Divine Lineage and Predestination. In order for one to understand that it is not simply a religion is the result of one's attitude towards the mind, the heart and the consciousness and not the result of one's special education. This leads to the experienced Truth and Its revelation, to the Divine Logos which is not limited to the interpretation of certain God-inspired books, but to the Infinite Divine Logos which is Alive and Acting.

In doing a historical retrospective, it is easy for one to discern that Hellas has always been a Key-country in the universal evolution of Man's consciousness. In 1984, The Greek author, Dionysis Dorizas, in the twenty-ninth chapter of his book "Aposymbolismi - Esoteric Christianity", presents a message he received years before while guided by Divine inspiration; a message that concerns the Second Coming of Christ within the souls of men, a message he had begun presenting in many of his lectures and articles since the 1970's. In this chapter entitled "Message of the Mission of Ioannis" a message from God is revealed. The following are some excerpts:

"In your country which is called Hellas (Greece), God has decided to give a token of the Presence of His Son amongst men. Your country has been chosen by God for a Divine Work which belongs to a New Spiritual Age, into which all of humanity on earth will soon be entering completely." This Country has been chosen because of the fact that since ancient times many prominent spirits of human intellect have taught its people and prepared its evolution. Presently, A New Ergo, A New Spiritual Mission is going to be revealed along with a Messenger of My Father and I, a Messenger destined to speak to his people and prepare them to receive My Presence within them. This Messenger bears Authority from Me, because he will announce to you My New Coming to earth, the new Descending of the Divine Fire into the souls of men. He has the commandment to prepare a great number of disciples and followers who want to be trained by Him and Me for the continuation of this Work. He is a Spirit sent especially for My Work - to awaken the people and to create leaders capable of carrying out responsibilities, burdens and duties for a Work guided by God and destined to help the people of earth return to God as soon as possible."

"All the spirits, those who descended willingly to Earth in order to offer services for the rapid ascent of humanity, have submitted requests before Me, asking to be sacrificed on Earth so that their sacrifice will be useful in the elevation of their brothers and for the total restoration of these virtuous spirits within Me." My followers and bearers of My Light descend to earth every day. Sent by Me, they are in tune with the new wavelength in which your planet will vibrate soon. They are in tune with Me, the Mother and the Father."

"Ioannis is the Spirit that I have already sent to your country. I have named Him Ioannis because he bears the Grace of John the Baptist, Forerunner of My Presence, and that is the Message he has to spread to mankind, not only in Hellas, but the beginning of this Work will take place in your country. He is My personal Messenger."

"He has My permission to baptize all the spirits whom I command Him to in the Name of the Holy Homoousion and Indivisible Trinity. Inscribed within Him are all the special instructions for the way that He will work on earth. Externally, His Body looks like the body of a common man, but the Grace that surrounds Him has transmuted His flesh and the elements of His matter are much lighter than usual."

"He has not received the order yet to appear officially before man. He appears from time to time in various places, acting under My instructions. Do not expect to see Him announcing that He is a Messenger of God or having a particular appearance or wearing special apparel. He will be found amongst you, as one of you, so that He can fully adjust Himself to the vibrations of your material vehicle and the Divine Work that He has been entrusted with."


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