Dionysis Dorizas was born on the 1st of January 1921 in Dorizata, Kefallonia. In 1930 he came to Athens where he graduated from High School. During the Italian-German occupation (1941-44) he was sent to prison by the Italians for his action with the National Resistance. After the Liberation he was decorated for his action at the Resistance.

During the post-war period, he finished his studies as a dental technician and opened his own workshop in which he would work for the next 22 years. In 1962, intense events in his life activated the Divine heritage of his Being and he began to come in contact with other seekers of the truth to whom he presented his spiritual interests.

The inspired works of Ioannis Stamatiades came to his attention and although he did not know him personally, he detected functions of spiritual preparations in these texts. Dionysis Dorizas collected these texts from wherever they were scattered, a task that took seven years to complete. Dionysis Dorizas was guided and taught directly by the Father. He knew that he was destined for Divine Work, so he decided to put the texts he was given to good use to help his brothers.

He is the author of the series of books ESOTERIC CHRISTIANITY who for 33 years searched, probed into and revealed the Way to Christofication and Theofication of Man in the New Age. He lectured in various parts of Greece and Cyprus, and circulated numerous copies of his work, the content of which is pertinent to the books he published.

He established a lot of spiritual schools and taught the Divine Laws of Unity and Identification of man with Logos Christ. He conveyed the Divine Grace of Offering to those who were willing to continue his Ergo (Work). On the 16th of April 1995 (Palm Sunday for the Orthodox, and Easter Sunday for the Catholics), Dionysis Dorizas, having completed his Ergo, departed from the physical plane at the age of 74. He left a new, spiritual testament to man showing the way of return to the Father.


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